Deciding which country to go to?

This is the biggie…

Deciding where to emigrate to is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make; however for some, that doesn’t necessarily make it a difficult one!

You may have been going on holiday to Spain for years and are now in a position to live there permanently because you love the country, its people and its way of life. For others, it can be a soul-searching task, especially as few of us can travel the planet searching for that elusive slice of paradise.

In order to determine where you want to go; you must first be honest about why you want to leave your existing home. You must identify the factors that are making your existing country so unbearable that you want to leave.
Talk it over with your immediate family or a friend and try to make some notes on why you want to emigrate and what factors are driving it. Try to make a list of good and bad points of where you are now; for example: bad job, long commute etc.
You should then balance this by talking about what you are expecting from your ‘new’ country and how this will make your life better. Then make another list of factors that you must have in your new country; for example: good schools, warmer weather etc.
The goal is to identify what is driving you away from home and what your new country ‘must have’. Some areas may have to be compromised to make a move possible. Utopia, as far as we know does not exist!
These notes and lists should be the start of some solid research and legwork. Get online; buy some books AMAZON has some great books from people who have walked the walk or grab them from the library and start finding out what life is like in a few different places.

Sometimes this makes people realize that maybe it is not so bad in their home country after all! Lets be honest, we want to make sure that no one emigrates because they are running away. Look at your list of things that you don’t like about your life, will moving to another country really cure all those ills? Bad jobs, bad relationships, poor schools and so on, arguably, could all be resolved without leaving the country.

Big changes and improvements can happen within your own town or try another one! Don’t like your boss? Fire him and find another one, or try that backburner project that you have always promised to do and go it alone.

Alternatively, these notes and discussions, coupled with decent research may have found the perfect place for you and your family to emigrate to in safety.

After all that if a place still looks good to you, Go for it!

I hope that this site has given you something to think about and if you decide to move abroad or emigrate, good luck with the move and I hope that it all works out for you.

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