How much is it all going to cost?

Cold hearted cash, spondoolicks, moola, beer tokens, wonga, smackeroos, whatever you want to call it; how much of the stuff are you going to need to reach for that sunshine?

We hate to be the harbingers of disappointment but the Gods honest truth is; LOADS.

Sure, if your move involves moving from London to a caravan in Brittany then cash might not be a problem, but if you are moving from a modest home in the Midlands to Australia for example, all in all it is going to add up to quite a sum. There are lots of little expenses that get hidden away and are notoriously difficult to budget for.

Of course there are biggies such as accommodation or vehicles and if you have two or three children, one way tickets to New Zealand(for example) will cost as much as a second hand car.

Most people don’t really draw up a budget when emigrating, preferring just to assume that it will all come together in the end. It is a fact that if you do sit down and make a list (the very sensible thing to do!) it will probably scare the pants off you, unless you are lucky enough to be swimming in cash of course!

Our advice to you is give it a little try, follow this basic household list and try to estimate a budget for each item and then go on, we dare you………add it all up.

Beds, small clothes storage, wardrobes etc, washing basket, linen basket, laptop, broadband access, water, electricity, plastic washing up bowls, large plastic food bowl for salads etc, smaller plastic food bowls, Vacuum cleaner, washing machine, lawnmower, iron, ironing board, dining table and chairs, Christmas decorations, book case storage, day bag or pack, printer for computer, toaster, kettle, large and small sharp knives for cooking, general knife for gardening etc, spade, fork and hoe for gardening, storage for shoes, plates and bowls and cups, wine and regular glasses, large waste bin for kitchen, small waste bin for bathroom, bed linen inc duvets, large and small towels, flannels, pillows, large, medium and small pans for cooking, knives, forks and spoons, stack of in trays for paperwork, files for paperwork storage, paper and pens etc, coathangers, tv, dvd player, dvds, sofa, computer desk and chair, table lamps, beach towels, toys, hole punch, stapler, sellotape holder, clothes, shoes, misc footwear (wellies and sandals etc), hats, gloves, scarves.

Oh, dont forget the car, the flights, spending money until the first paycheck, shipping costs, any agents fees, visa fees, medical fees, new stuff for a different climate costs, rent bond and finally a little for that bottle of champagne……..

Still standing?

Thought not, alarming what we need just to ‘move’ our daily life, isn’t it? Bear in mind that this is a bare minimum for most people too, there will no doubt be lots of extra things that you might want to add.

But fear not, all is not lost, it can still be achievable, if you are prepared to work out exactly what the differences are between needs and wants……..oh, and kind of……..get rid of the wants.

You may be thinking of shipping a great deal of stuff with you but be aware that shipping some items may work out more expensive than buying new in country. Also consider timing, to ship to New Zealand for example can take 12 weeks, think about how you will manage those last three months without all your stuff! If you end up buying something to use because you have shipped stuff, you may as well buy new in country and give away/sell/bin/store your existing stuff just before you go.

Back to basics is the way, at least till you get settled

Organizing the money

You will need to think about the organization of your financial situation too. All your financial institutions will at least need to know that you are moving abroad and remember that there may be tax implications or restrictions on certain investments when you go overseas. Seeing your financial advisor is a must.

Be prepared by going to (opens new window), and click “download file” It is a simple template (WORD/EXCEL etc), that you can use to store all of your current important personal information. With this file you will easily be able to manage the hassle of the paperwork chase because you will know the exact status of everything!

Trust me when I say from experience that you need a personal information file to help you manage the dozens of calls to people and organizations that you are going to have to make. It is free (although donations are welcome).

Safeguarding your important personal information is vital. You need a clear record of all those reference numbers, bank account numbers, customer numbers, postal addresses, email addresses, web site addresses etc in one easily accessible and safe place.

How can the personal information file help me do this?

Your personal information sheet is a simple template that utilizes your existing skills in WORD or EXCEL to create a record or summary of all those details. Just download the sheet, fill it in and save it. No fancy programs or complicated stuff, just a big list of important info!

It is simple, easily accessible, effective and very useful, especially:

If you are moving house
If you are emigrating
If you have dependents or family
If you work away from home
If you are retired or take long holidays
If you live in a potential evacuation zone, floods, fires, snow etc
If you telephone or contact your utility, financial or other ‘service providers’
If you want to take stock of your personal or family situation
Simply add to your personal information sheet sheet over a period of time, save it on your computer, store it on a tiny USB pen/flash drive/stick thingy or print it out. Oh and DON’T forget to take it with you!

I hope that this site has given you something to think about and if you decide to move abroad or emigrate, good luck with the move and I hope that it all works out for you.

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